Butt Kicking Online Barre Program

Hi!  I am a single mother and my goal is to empower working mamas to maximize their energy with fun flexible workouts they can do on their own time. These barre classes are a full-body work out with a strong emphasis on increasing muscle tone while having fun to great music! Classes will be held live and recorded, then uploaded to a private Facebook group, in case you can not make the live class you will have access to all of the recordings. The recordings can also be e-mailed to you if you are not on Facebook.  The Facebook group will also give you access to me and all the other strong powerful women to answer questions and provide support and accountability. This program is designed to help you get motivated,  get moving, increase your strength, mobility, and your confidence from the comfort of your own home.   All for $50 a month and

you cancel at anytime.

This Is What You Will Get:

2 Mat Style Barre videos per week, 45 minutes each.  A full body sculpting workout set to motivating music to increase muscle tone and have fun!


2 30 minute yoga sessions designed to stretch and release your hard worked barre muscles


2 30 minute barre videos. One focus on upper body, one focus on lower body.


I am brand new to barre and after signing up to Jill’s program, I was concerned I would be too inexperienced for class. I promised myself I would give it my all, and after my first class my legs felt like jello. I’m so glad I kept going- after four weeks my body feels toner, tighter and stronger. I now look forward to working out because Jill’s enthusiasm for movement is evident and definitely motivates me to keep going! I love working out on my own time, in my own space, yet having the accountability between a group. Signing up to Jill’s barre program was such a great decision for me, one I’m so thankful I made.

Elizabeth Petts/Boxford MA

I started out excited to join and I am still excited to continue. I had some quivering legs during each class, but it seems like Jill has this gift to know when to stop just in time! Challenging, but just enough. There's a new exercise each time mixed in with ones you know for a fresh, but comfortable blend. The music is fun and the whole group dynamic was the icing on the cake. Just an lovely bunch of real ladies that make world a better place with their light. I felt very included and a part of something even though I'm far away. Thank you Jill and all the crew for the wonderful introduction to Barre classes!

Kayla VonGildenhausen/Kimberley, British Columbia

Anyone who knows me, knows it takes A LOT for me to join a workout class. I usually like running solo or doing a quick yoga flow when the mood strikes me, but classes... usually not my thing. When I saw that Jill was doing a virtual barre class, I was curious to see what a class entailed. I decided I’d try it for just a class or two... but now I’m hooked! Jill is a very clear and precise instructor. I’ve never taken a barre class before and have no upper body strength but in the month I’ve participated in this class I feel stronger and can see muscle tone. She guides us through each move seamlessly and pairs it with a great music selection that keeps you moving. I can’t recommend this class enough! Join the fun already! 


Sindia Fernandez/Brooklyn NY

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