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New Precautions for Covid 19, I will take upon reopening May 25, 2020

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Being in the health and wellness industry, I have always followed industry standards and best practices to ensure that my office is clean and safe for my clients. I will continue to disinfect by wiping down headrests and massage tables after each massage, changing out sheets, blankets, and cradle covers after each treatment, disinfecting all equipment (hot stones, cups, etc.) upon use. I will continue to wash my hands and arms with soap and water before and after each treatment. I will be adopting the following additional precautions and measures as well: Disinfecting and wiping down doors, doorknob, phone, tables, shelves, lotion and oil bottles, control for table warmer, staircase railing, and any frequent touchpoints through-out the office, bathroom, and building between every client. If weather permits, I will open windows in session, and if not I will open windows between clients to allow airflow and circulation. I already schedule 30 minutes between each client, and with no waiting room, this allows ample time to disinfect between clients thoroughly. I also will wear a mask at all times and there will be a pre screening at each session to check that clients do not have any symptoms. I look forward to seeing you!

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