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Call or text me with any questions or concerns you may have or to schedule your appointment.  603 978 0984

Hi! I'm Jill Lampert owner of Portsmouth Massage Therapy. 

I specialize in pain relief for active people.  


As a fitness enthusiast I understand the needs of active people and as a massage therapist, I help you stay out of pain so you can perform at your best.   Whether you are a serious athlete, or someone who wants to add more activity into their lives. My goal is to help you hurt less, move with ease and feel better than you imagined possible. 


I went to massage school in 2005 and I graduated from the North East Institute of Whole Health.  I have a biology degree from the University of Vermont.  I am the mother of two amazing boys and understand how hard it can be to find time for self-care and have crafted my massage sessions so you get the most from your time on the table and leave feeling your best.  



"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

 Lao Tzu  

Therapeutic Massage

l have adapted my massage sessions to help address the issues that arise from everyday life.  I believe that we ask a lot of our bodies every day: and that everyone is an athlete in his or her own way.  This session is focused on specific needs of pain or tension.  We will discuss before your treatment what muscle groups are needing attention and I will use various techniques ranging from gentle to deep to stretching to cups and stones to help you relieve pain and feel better. I work to keep your body working efficiently for optimal performance in daily life.  




Monday 11am-7pm

Tuesday  9am-3pm

Wednesday 9am-3pm

Thursday 9am-3pm

Friday 9am-3pm

Sunday 9am-5pm



Please call or text 603 978 0984 if you can not find a time that works with your schedule online.


Prenatal Massage

30 Minutes $55


60 Minutes $100


90 Minutes $150


120 Minutes $200


Package Pricing:


3 pack 60 Minutes $270


3 pack 90 Minutes $405


5 pack 60 Minutes $425


5 pack 90 Minutes $650

Call 603 978 0984 with any questions or to schedule your appointment

Hi Moms! I have a very special place in my heart for pregnant women, it is one of the most exciting times in a women's life.  I was pregnant in massage school and learned how to do every modality on pregnant women.  Since then I have improved my skills with advanced prenatal massage classes and training.  My prenatal clients tell me they feel better, hurt less and sleep better when they leave my office.  I tell them to remember self-care because happy mama = happy baby!




Hough House Unit D

Horse Lane

Strawbery Banke Museum

Portsmouth NH 03801


603 978 0984

My office is located inside Strawbery Banke but the parking lot is off of Court Street. Here is how you find me!  Put 454 court street into your GPS, then pull into the small dirt driveway behind 454 Court St.  Please park in a spot that says “Reserved for Hough House tenant”. Walk through the white fence, I am the yellow building on the left.  Enter the door under the Portsmouth Massage Therapy sign, up the stairs to the right.  The bathroom is downstairs to the left when you walk in with the green door.  Please call or text if you have any problems. 603 978 0984.



"I have learned to trust Jill's experienced healing hands over several years of her helping me through severe back pain, neck stiffness, and injuries to my shoulders and knees. She is careful when she needs to be, yet knows how to get deep - especially after I have pushed my body too far and am stiff as a board. I appreciate her thorough knowledge of physiology and how my body works - helping me expand my flexibility and range of motion far beyond what I ever thought I could achieve. I leave our sessions feeling rejuvenated and fully alive, and usually with some 'homework' to keep me limber and moving until our next session." 


—  Peter C